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Over the Rail Yard and through the Hoods…

I’ll be posting videos of some of my more frequent routes here from time to time.  My idea is, as it takes nearly no effort at all to mount my Flip camera and record my routes, I might as well upload them.  After some time, this should add up to an interesting city portrait.  Or not.

This first video is from the Midtown/Belvedere section of central Baltimore to Hamilton, a semi-urban/semi-suburban area in the northeast corner of the city.

I compressed a 6+ mile Sunday morning ride down to a little over four minutes, fast forwarded and red-light edited to alleviate some of the boring.  I also erased the sound because nobody wants to hear your wind whistle and squeaky brakes (seriously, cycling uploaders – erase your sound).  I added the hoity-toity classical music, not because I’m some fancy pants lover of baroque concertos, but to let you listen to something while trying my darnedest to not grossly violate copyright.   Of course, I’m violating some orchestra’s copyright, but it isn’t their song so screw ’em.

Oh, and here is a map of the route for context:



November 16, 2009 at 2:19 pm 3 comments

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